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Graz - City of Design.

European Capital of Culture, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Austrian "Capital of Delight", Human Rights City and winner of the Europe Prize: that's Graz, former residence of the Habsburgs, today marked by art, culture and futurism. Since 2011, the University city is part of the Creative Cities Network, and - besides 10 other cities around the world - Graz has been awarded "City of Design".

Contrasts dominate the entire city and offer insights into all areas of art and culture: classical and jazz music, tradition and modern spirit, literature and festivals such as the Styriarte and the Styrian Autumn. Numerous art collections and galleries such as the Kunsthaus or the Island on the river Mur demonstrate that museums must be neither outdated nor antiquated.

Simultaneously Graz also offers numerous historic sites which are worth a visit: the Schlossberg with the so-called "Dom im Berg", the Clock Tower, the Armoury and many more. However, the most notable part of Graz is the old town. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Europe, therefore it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the famous Eggenberg Castle.
On the one hand, Graz impresses by its old buildings dating back to past eras, narrow lanes, idyllic courtyards and mediterranean flair, but at the same time this city presents itself to be young, modern and innovative.

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Your Date with Graz

Getting to know the European Capital of Culture 2003

4 Days / Graz

Narrow alleys, imposing buildings and modern architecture: Hardly any other city offers so much variety in such a small space. Graz seduces with a diversity of attractions, Styrian hospitality and culinary delights.

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Graz: Tradition and Design

Discovering the old and the new

4 Days / Graz

Graz is famous for its fascinating relation between old and new, between modern spirit and tradition. Immerse yourself into Graz, the city with traditional shops and cool designer stores and let yourself be enchanted by hip galleries and historically accurate buildings.

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South Styrian Dainties

The Styrian Volcano region and the South Styrian wine road

6 Days / Graz Riegersburg Ehrenhausen Piber

Diversity and indulgence are the keywords of your journey through the southern part of Styria. Your tour takes you from the Styrian provincial capital Graz to the Volcano region and the South Styrian wine road. Taste culinary delights and let yourself be enchanted by the Styrian hospitality and lust for life.

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Graz: City of Design

About architecture and urban culture

4 Days / Graz

The UNESCO incorporated Graz in the international network of „Creative Cities“. Thus, Graz, just like Berlin and Buenos Aires, belongs to particularly future-oriented cities and metropolises. Explore the spectacular architectural buildings, urban culture and the consciously designed living space of the "Creative City" Graz.

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Art and Cultural Capitals of Austria

Music stages, theaters, museums and galleries

5 Days / Vienna Linz Graz

Countless art and cultural events, a variety of museums and galleries, top-class exhibitions and a wide range of theater-, opera-, and musical-performances. All this and much more awaits you on your journey to the art and cultural cities of Vienna, Linz and Graz.

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Graz: Culinary Delicacies

Feasting and strolling through the Capital of Delight

4 Days / Graz Ehrenhausen

Graz offers not only a variety of cultural activities, but also attracts with culinary delights. From quaint farmer markets and traditional beer cellars to modern high-end restaurants. Graz - as the only town in Austria - has been announced "GenussHauptstadt" (Capital of Delight). In Graz, no culinary wish remains unfulfilled.

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The Taste of Austria

From Tafelspitz, Linzer cake and excellent wines

9 Days / Vienna Graz Riegersburg

Austria is known for its hospitality and culinary diversity. Between vineyards and lush green pastures, there grow delicious specialties, which are processed into high-quality products and dishes. From connoisseurs for connoisseurs. Immerse into Austrian hospitality and cuisine and try the numerous traditional delicacies - from Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and pumpkin seed oil, to Griesnockerl soup and a piece of fluffy Apple Strudel.