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Berlin - City of unlimited possibilities

Enjoy the evening with a leisurely glass of wine, dive through the sea in an elevator, snuggle on the shoulders of a Hollywood star or plunge into a unique nightlife - a metropolis that is worth a visit at any time. As one of the most visited cities in Europe, Berlin is very popular with tourists from around the world, both for its historic landmarks, as well as for its versatile artistic and cultural life.

This city has more museums than rainy days. Berlin offers a variety of cabarets, festivals and cultural events, which have the rear houses and farms around the Hackescher Markt as a scene. The city is pure history and yet the past and present are as close as never. Berlin enjoys the reputation of a political and cultural centre and very intensely reflects German history - the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie are such impressive reminders.

Wonderful views over the whole metropolis can be enjoyed from both the TV tower as well as from the observation deck of the Victory Column. The longest open-air gallery in the world, the East Side Gallery, as well as Europe's largest department store and Germany's tallest building can be found in Berlin.

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Currywurst, Boulette and Berliner Weiße

Berlin truly authentic

4 Days / Berlin

A different way of visiting Berlin! Discover the culinary Berlin and immerse yourself into the Berlin, as it really is: honest, authentic, exciting and - above all - lovable. Besides the most important attractions, you will also see those places, where you stumble upon the true, authentic Berlin - the Berlin of "Currybuden", & Co. 

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Berlin on the Traces of the GDR

A trip to the former "divided" city

4 Days / Berlin

The traces of Berlin's moving history are visible on many pinches and scrapes of the city. Explore Berlin on the traces of the GDR and experience more about life as it used to be during the GDR: discover the famous buildings made with precast concrete slabs on the Avenue Karl-Marx, take a seat in a Trabi and pass Berlin's most famous checkpoint, Checkpoint Charlie.

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Metropolis and Jungle: Berlin and the Spreeforest

Go green in Berlin

5 Days / Berlin

Explore the German capital and the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreeforest, the green jungle not far from Berlin. Experience how closely city and nature are linked and discover "crazy birds" in both, the Spreeforest and in Berlin.

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Berlin on the Traces of the Second World War

Discovering the former Reich-capital

4 Days / Berlin

Berlin as the seat of the Nazi regime and place of the German resistance from 1933 to 1945 - discover the former Reich-capital and the scenes and traces of the Nazi regime.

Potsdam  park sanssouci   stiftung preussische schlosser und garten berlin brandenburg  foto hans bach

Berlin and Potsdam

The German Capital and the Prussian Residence

5 Days / Berlin

Visit the German capital Berlin and the Prussian residence Potsdam, awaiting you with magnificent Baroque buildings, palaces and gardens.

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Your Date with Berlin

The Highlights of the German Capital

4 Days / Berlin

Explore Berlin's must sees, be enchanted by the flair of the German capital, try the famous "Curry Wurst" and learn more about Berlin's moving history!

Visitberlin gunther steffen

Urban Art in Berlin

Exploring the colorful Berlin

4 Days / Berlin

Whether on screens, facades, walls, doors and gates, or at places where you would not expect art at all - Street Art can be seen everywhere in Berlin and makes Berlin's cityscape shine in a colorful way. We will show you Berlin from its most colorful and creative side!

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Right Across Germany

From Berlin via Dresden and Nuremberg to Munich

7 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Nuremberg Munich

As the name suggests, your journey takes you across Germany - a unique combination of five cities, with many historical, cultural as well as culinary highlights.

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Citytriangle: Berlin, Dresden and Prague

From the Spree-metropolis via the city on the river Elb to the city on the Vltava

8 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Prague

Explore the German capital, once divided by the wall into two, today a united metropolis, which has a diverse art-, culture-, and culinary-offer. The Elb-city Dresden and the golden city of Prague with its charming streets and picturesque old town, are waiting to be discovered!

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Jewish Berlin

Jewish history and memorials in Berlin

5 Days / Berlin

Berlin's history is closely linked to the history of the Jewish community. During your journey you will visit deeply symbolic places, on the one hand reminders of the destruction of Jewish life, but on the other hand proofs of the reconstruction and development of Jewish Culture in Berlin these days.

Visitberlin  foto philip koschel

In the heart of Europe

From Berlin to Vienna

11 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Prague Brno Vienna

Explore the most beautiful cities in the heart of Central Europe. Starting in Germany, you visit the versatile metropolis Berlin as well as the historic Potsdam and the "Florence on the river Elbe", Dresden. Your journey continues to the "golden city of Prague" and Brno in the picturesque Czech Republic. Last but not least, you will be enchanted by the Austrian charm and explore the imperial city of Vienna.