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Budapest - Paris of the East.

Budapest has succeeded in preserving its soul, even though the city has been rapidly modernised in the recent years. The river Danube dominates Budapest's cityscape and with its unique panorama of impressive buildings along the riverbank contributes to the beauty of Hungary's capital. Budapest is the outcome of two merging city parts - "Buda", the right mountainous riverside and "Pest", the plane left side.

Once belonging to the Dual-Monarchy Austria-Hungary, Budapest acquired a lot from the former capital Vienna - both in terms of lifestyle as well as in terms of architecture. The historic castle district, Boulevard Andássy út - the "Pest Broadway" or the fifth district with its vibrant nightlife give the city its extraordinary charm.

Experience a city full of culture, music and sightseeing and treat yourself with a relaxing day at one of Budapest's numerous Thermal baths, 120 in total - another feature of the pearl on the Danube!

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Schloss schonbrunn kultur und betriebsges m b h koller starting at EUR 1.389,- per person

Imperial Capitals

Imperial Vienna, vibrant Budapest and the melancholic Prague

8 Days / Vienna Prague Bratislava Budapest Székesfehérvár

Bask in the splendor and romance of the imperial metropolises and marvel at magnificent imperial buildings surrounded by picturesque streets and historic cityscapes.

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Jewish Heritage in Central Europe

A journey of remembrance

9 Days / Vienna Prague Terezín Brno Budapest

Explore Jewish Heritage and take a look at the history of the Jews in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, where some of the largest Jewish communities lived and personalities such as Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler left their marks.

C  rudi1976 fotolia com starting at EUR 1.259,- per person

Danube Metropolises of the k.u.k. Monarchy

On the traces of emperors and kings

8 Days / Budapest Gödöllö Bratislava Vienna

Treat yourself to a trip to the Danube metropolises of the former k.u.k. monarchy. Your visit to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna is dedicated to the k.u.k times. Marvel at the former magnificent apartments of the emperors and empresses, learn more about the “k.u.k. purveyors” and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the Danube metropolises.

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Budapest: on the traces of Jewry

Jewish life - then and now

4 Days / Budapest

Budapest was once home to the largest Jewish community in Europe and this has strongly influenced the city. After centuries of turbulent history, reaching its lowest point of devastation in the Holocaust, today's Budapest is a vibrant centre of Jewish culture. Discover Budapest in the footsteps of Jewish heritage and learn more about Jewish life in the past and present, visit the most important memorials, synagogues and places of Jewish life.

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Your Date with Budapest

The metropolis on the river Danube

4 Days / Budapest Gödöllö

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mighty river Danube separates the metropolis into the mountainous Buda and the flat Pest. This Danube panorama was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and quite rightly so, as any visitor will experience. 

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Budapest and the Danubebend

Urban flair and breath-taking landscapes

5 Days / Budapest

Besides the capital Budapest, you discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in Hungary - the Danubebend. Not only the Danubebend itself offers a breathtaking panorama, but also in Budapest, where the river Danube separates the city into the hilly Buda and the flat Pest, one will enjoy picturesque landscapes and views. Gaze at natural uniques, that will await you with corresponding flora and fauna, Hungarian culture and majestic green woods.   

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Budapest's Culinary Delicacies

...more than "only" Paprika, Salami and CO

4 Days / Budapest

From gourmet restaurants to cozy cafes and characteristic wine bars - Budapest's culinary scene becomes more and more interesting. One thing is certain: the Hungarians love hearty dishes and feast what their heart desires. Cream and shortening are an integral part in these dishes. Taste it on your own, and get to know Budapest and its culinary specialties.

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Diverse Budapest

The various faces of the Hungarian Capital

4 Days / Budapest

Traditional and contemporary. The beautiful, UNESCO protected monuments and palaces show the classic, traditional side of this historic city. The newly renovated, friendly pedestrian areas, modern and contemporary buildings and galleries, squares and parks with numerous bars, cosy cafes and innovative restaurants give the city a modern and contemporary touch.

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Hungary's Pearls

Budapest, Puszta & CO

5 Days / Budapest

Let yourself be enchanted by the Hungarian hospitality and get to know Hungary from its most beautiful side: Discover the charming metropolis Budapest as well as beautiful landscapes and the unspoiled nature of the Puszta. Another highlight of your trip is the Balaton, affectionately known as the "sea of Hungary".

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The Highlights of Central Europe

5 countries, 1000 impressions

14 Days / Munich Prien am Chiemsee Salzburg St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee Dürnstein Vienna Bratislava Budapest Brno Prague

Your journey takes you through the South of Germany through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Experience the diversity of cultures, traditions and natures of these countries. A number of cultural and culinary delights and stunning sceneries are waiting for you.

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Pearls of the East

From the "golden city" of Prague via the picturesque Bratislava to Budapest, the metropolis on the river Danube

8 Days / Prague Kutná Hora Bratislava Budapest

The "Golden City" of Prague, with its picturesque alleys and its historic old town is always worth a visit. Besides Prague, you also discover the Danube metropolis Budapest, attracting with its unique panorama and a very special charm.

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Cultfigure Sisi

On the traces of Empress Elisabeth

5 Days / Vienna Györ Budapest Gödöllö

Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, has gone down in history as an empress of eternal youthfulness and beauty. Today, even almost 180 years after her birth, Sissi polarizes and fascinates people from all over the world. During your tour, discover the Myth Sissi in the course of a visit at the Sisi Museum in the Imperial Appartments and visit Gödöllö Palace, the coronation present for Empress Sissi and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph I.

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Treasures of the Danube

Rivercruise on the Crystal Mozart

11 Days / Vienna Dürnstein Melk Linz Passau Bratislava Budapest

Discover the treasures of the river Danube during a river cruise on one of the most luxurious rivercruise ships - the Crystal Mozart. Starting in Vienna, the cruise leads you through the magnificent Wachau-valley via Linz to Passau in Germany and to Bratislava and Budapest. The final stop is the imperial city Vienna. During your shore excursions wander through scenic old-country villages, stop at fairy-tale-esque castles, medieval fortresses, churches, museums and concert halls - not to forget the delicious food and wine.

Further information about the Crystal Mozart, room categories and included services are upon request.