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Spreewald including Barge Ride


Art, culture and history, Active, Countryside

Upon arrival at the Great Spreewaldhafen Lübbenau, the Spreewaldhafen at which Theodor Fontane has already departed to the Spreewald, you will collect yourself at the unique Spreewald Gurkenmeile. On the boat (barge) your captain punts you through the idyllic landscape to the Spreewald village Lehde. After leaving the large harbor, you drive through the populated region of the village Lehde with its agricultural land. Arrived in the romantic Spreewald village, a short stay at one of the traditional inns is planned. Before or after the break you will see the village from the "main street" - which here consists of water. During the break, you have the option of individually exploring the region, taking a break or visiting the large open-air museum. Finally your captain punts you back to Lübbenau.

1 Day