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Neuschwanstein  c  bayerische schlosserverwaltung   foto anton j brandl starting at EUR 1.535,- per person

Royal Castles

Alpine cities and magnificent castles

8 Days / Salzburg Kufstein Innsbruck Schwangau Ettal Munich

Immerse yourself in the magical world of King Ludwig II. and enjoy the splendor of a bygone era. Romantic castles and churches, breath-taking mountain panoramas and picturesque small towns are waiting to be discovered.


Schloss schonbrunn kultur und betriebsges m b h koller starting at EUR 1.389,- per person

Imperial Capitals

Imperial Vienna, vibrant Budapest and the melancholic Prague

8 Days / Vienna Prague Bratislava Budapest Székesfehérvár

Bask in the splendor and romance of the imperial metropolises and marvel at magnificent imperial buildings surrounded by picturesque streets and historic cityscapes.

C  agyongyi fotolia com

Jewish Heritage in Central Europe

A journey of remembrance

9 Days / Vienna Prague Terezín Brno Budapest

Explore Jewish Heritage and take a look at the history of the Jews in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, where some of the largest Jewish communities lived and personalities such as Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler left their marks.

C  rudi1976 fotolia com starting at EUR 1.259,- per person

Danube Metropolises of the k.u.k. Monarchy

On the traces of emperors and kings

8 Days / Budapest Gödöllö Bratislava Vienna

Treat yourself to a trip to the Danube metropolises of the former k.u.k. monarchy. Your visit to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna is dedicated to the k.u.k times. Marvel at the former magnificent apartments of the emperors and empresses, learn more about the “k.u.k. purveyors” and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the Danube metropolises.

15 3 naschmarkt  wientourismus peter rigaud starting at EUR 575,- per person

Taste Vienna

Experiencing Vienna from its pleasurable side

4 Days / Vienna

Vienna is known for its hearty cuisine, its coffee house culture and the traditional wine taverns. Taste Vienna and its culinary delights such as Kaiserschmarren, Tafelspitz and CO.

Campus wu 6  c  boa net starting at EUR 595,- per person

Architecture and Design

Discovering Vienna's booming architecture

4 Days / Vienna

In Vienna, one encounters all architectural styles of European history. Not only architectural highlights like the Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Baroque Schönbrunn Palace draw to Vienna, but also famous modern architecture: from Otto Wagner's Art Nouveau designs to postmodern statements to contemporary architecture.

Nachtaufnahme  c  mozarthaus vienna peters starting at EUR 429,- per person

On the Traces of Mozart in Vienna

The boywonder and his reference to Vienna

3 Days / Vienna

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent the last ten years of his life in Vienna. In Vienna, he got married, his six children were born here, he died and was buried here and it was Vienna, where he wrote most of his renowned pieces of music. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this extraordinary genius and discover the footsteps of Mozart in Vienna.

60 61 theseustempel im volksgarten   wientourismus christian stemper starting at EUR 555,- per person

Green Vienna

Green spaces and recreational areas in a dynamic metropolis

4 Days / Vienna

In 2015, Vienna was chosen as the world's number one, amongst the most liveable cities - for the sixth time in a row. Various gardens and imperial parks enrich the cityscape of Vienna and invite to do extensive walks, bicycle tours and excursions. Discover Vienna from its "greenest" side!

Aussenansicht  c  medienburo judisches museum wien  stalzer   partner gmbh

Jewish Vienna

A journey on the traces of Jewish Heritage in Vienna

4 Days / Vienna

There are only a few European cities, whose history are as closely connected with Jewish history as Vienna. Until 1938, the Jewish community in Vienna was flourishing with synagogues and prayer houses being built. Yet, emigration and the Holocaust left a void that will never be filled again. So get to know the Jewish Heritage of Vienna, much of it centered around the second district of Leopoldstadt.

C  michi jo standl fotolia com starting at EUR 869,- per person

Imperial Vienna

Staying with the court

5 Days / Vienna

The Habsburgs have ruled Austria for more than 600 years. Still today, grand palaces and generous gardens remind of the lived glory of the past. Immerse yourself in the good old imperial era and let yourself be inspired by the life at the former Vienna court.

25 5 wener staatsopern   wientourismus christian stemper

Vienna, the stage is yours

About music, art and culture

4 Days / Vienna

Vienna, the world's capital of music. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Boys' Choir set the international tone, the State Opera offers performances on almost 300 nights a year and a different program virtually every day. The Musikverein is amongst the world's leading concert venues. But Vienna has far more to offer than Waltz, opera and classical music. Also rock, pop, and jazz stars from all over the world perform on Vienna's stages. Expect a diverse cultural and music program!

21 1 wien khm aussen neu starting at EUR 595,- per person

Vienna: Imperial & Co(ntemporary)

From the ostentatious imperial capital to a modern metropolis

4 Days / Vienna

Vienna has undergone profound changes over the past century, transforming itself from an ostentatious imperial capital to a modern centre for contemporary art. Experience art and culture at the highest level. Vienna, which is home to more than 100 museums, offers everything to satisfy hungry art- and culture lovers. Discover the contrast between old and new, historic and contemporary.

12 3 1 blick auf das museumsquartier  c  wien tourismus christian stemper starting at EUR 635,- per person

Your Date with Vienna

An unforgettable experience calling for a repeat

4 Days / Vienna

You've never been to Vienna? This is your chance. This is your date. Vienna is one of the leading cultural and entertainment capitals, but - still at the same time - Vienna stands for cosy serenity. Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, Imperial Palace and St. Stephan's Cathedral, the architecture of the Danube Monarchy, magnificent buildings of Baroque and Historicism, from the "golden" Art Nouveau to modern architecture and spacious parks convey the romantic flair of the former Imperial city and until today, dominate the cityscape. Convince yourself!

Arbeitszimmer  c  sigmund freud privatstiftung  foto florian lierzer starting at EUR 559,- per person

Vienna and its Medical History

About the history of Viennese medicine

4 Days / Vienna

In the mid-19th century, medicine in Vienna gained in worldwide recognition: students and doctors from all over the world came to Vienna to learn from the experts and specialists of the Viennese School of Medicine. Still today, Vienna is an important centre of scientific research and medical discoveries. Discover Vienna in the footsteps of its medical history.

C  b f wien 1  manfred seidl starting at EUR 559,- per person

Vienna with a Difference

Discovering Vienna from a different angle

4 Days / Vienna

Experience Vienna from a completely different angle: Vienna's ugliest buildings, a tour of the largest auction house in Central Europe or a walk through the Vienna Central Cemetery with following visit to the Funeral Museum.

C  digitalpress fotolia com starting at EUR 749,- per person

Viennese Modernism

Discover one of the most formative art and cultural epochs of Vienna

5 Days / Vienna

Vienna 2018 is all about the protagonists of Viennese Modernism - Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Otto Wagner and Koloman Moser.

Discover the magnificent testimonies of the Viennese Modernism - from Otto Wagner's buildings on the Wienzeile or the wonderful Church of St. Leopold to the legendary works of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

18 4 wien polawalk beatles  polawalk

Vienna: young, urban, contemporary!

Discovering the hotspots of Vienna

4 Days / Vienna

Emperor Franz Joseph reigned over the Danube Monarchy for 68 years. He was the embodiment of imperial power, the second last great sovereign of a dying era. In 2016, the centennial of his deathis commemorated. falls in 2016. During the past century, Vienna has undergone profound changes, transforming itself from an ostentatious imperial capital to a modern centre for contemporary art.

00000031216 view of danube vienna oesterreich werbung popp  hackner

Vienna: modern Architecture and Design

Discovering the architectural landmarks of the city

5 Days / Vienna

Vienna's architecture is booming: The French architect Dominique Perrault built one of the biggest buildings in Austria, the DC (Donau City) Towers, Jean Nouvel constructed an imposing luxury hotel on the Danube Canal, and international renowned architects have created the new Campus of the Vienna University of Economics, a true architectural masterpiece. Vienna is growing, as it did 100 years ago.

11 3 1 wien lifestyle tipps goldenes quartier  c  wientourismus peter rigaud starting at EUR 549,- per person

Shopping à la carte

The shopping streets of Vienna

4 Days / Vienna Parndorf

Whether on Vienna's hippest shopping area - the Mariahilferstrasse and its surroundings - the Kärntnerstrasse in the old town, the Graben or the Kohlmarkt, where luxury flagship stores, jewelers and perfumeries agglomerate, Vienna offers a variety of fashion, jewelry, and accessories shops.

00000018208 schoenbrunn mit garten ballonperspektive wien 13 oesterreich werbung bartl

Vienna for the Weekend

Timeout in Vienna

3 Days / Vienna

Vienna for the weekend: Escape the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of cozy cafés, magnificent imperial buildings and the "leiwand" Viennese charm.

Tourismus salzburg gmbh

Baroque Salzburg

A jewel North of the Alps

4 Days / Salzburg

Salzburg is a true Baroque jewel. In the 17th and 18th century, Baroque churches and facades of houses, gardens, staircases and fountains emerged. The splendour of the city of Rome should be reflected in Salzburg. Until today, Salzburg shines in Baroque splendour and gained reputation as the "Rome of the North".

Tourismus salzburg gmbh 5

Salzburg: Rome of the North, City of Churches

Church-spires and domes as far as the eye can see

4 Days / Salzburg

Gazing across the rooftops of Salzburg with its numerous church-spires and domes, one immediately recognizes that Salzburg was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. Salzburg’s churches, church-spires and domes, shine in Baroque splendour and helped Salzburg gaining its reputation as the "Rome of the North". Get to know Salzburg's outstanding churches and learn about their interesting background stories.

C  mozarts geburtshaus   tourismus salzburg gmbh starting at EUR 415,- per person

Salzburg on the Traces of the Boy Wonder Wolfgang A. Mozart

Discovering the city of the boy wonder

3 Days / Salzburg

The life and work of the genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart still today is omnipresent in the festival city. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in the city of Mozart and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the boy wonder!

64 1 sommer in salzburg mit blick auf die burg starting at EUR 599,- per person

Your Date with Salzburg

The must-sees of the Mozart City

4 Days / Salzburg

Discover the world heritage city Salzburg, luring with picturesque alleys, imposing Baroque buildings and cultural and culinary temptations.

0204 leopoldskron 015

Salzburg, the Trapp Family and The Sound of Music

Experiencing cultural diversity

4 Days / Salzburg

One of the most significant cinematic offerings ever is inseparably linked with Salzburg: The Sound of Music. The moving and emotional story of the Trapp family has caused an incredible world-wide echo. Explore the original places featured during the filming in Salzburg and the surrounding, picturesque Lake District, and let yourself be enchanted by the life story of the Trapp family.

0109 tracht 017

Salzburg's Culinary Delicacies

About traditional inns and Salzburger Nockerl

4 Days / Salzburg

The province of Salzburg hosts the most „active“ certified chefs and the highest density of organic farmers in Austria and thus is true a paradise for gourmets! Find out more about Salzburg's cuisine and literally „taste“ the city of Mozart!

0109 tracht 064

Shopping in Salzburg

Where pure shopping experiences are waiting for you

3 Days / Salzburg

The ultimative shopping experience awaits you in Salzburg – the Old Town of Salzburg with shopping streets such as the Getreidegasse, Judengasse or the traditional passageways  with a variety of traditional shops, international chains and small boutiques. Salzburg is also home to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, that awaits with special offers.

Kunsthaus graz  c  graz tourismus   harry schiffer 1

Graz: City of Design

About architecture and urban culture

4 Days / Graz

The UNESCO incorporated Graz in the international network of „Creative Cities“. Thus, Graz, just like Berlin and Buenos Aires, belongs to particularly future-oriented cities and metropolises. Explore the spectacular architectural buildings, urban culture and the consciously designed living space of the "Creative City" Graz.

Uhrturm  c  graz tourismus   harry schiffer

Your Date with Graz

Getting to know the European Capital of Culture 2003

4 Days / Graz

Narrow alleys, imposing buildings and modern architecture: Hardly any other city offers so much variety in such a small space. Graz seduces with a diversity of attractions, Styrian hospitality and culinary delights.

Herrengasse graz  c  graz tourismus   harry schiffer 1

Graz: Tradition and Design

Discovering the old and the new

4 Days / Graz

Graz is famous for its fascinating relation between old and new, between modern spirit and tradition. Immerse yourself into Graz, the city with traditional shops and cool designer stores and let yourself be enchanted by hip galleries and historically accurate buildings.

Kernolverkostung  c  graz tourismus   werner krug

Graz: Culinary Delicacies

Feasting and strolling through the Capital of Delight

4 Days / Graz Ehrenhausen

Graz offers not only a variety of cultural activities, but also attracts with culinary delights. From quaint farmer markets and traditional beer cellars to modern high-end restaurants. Graz - as the only town in Austria - has been announced "GenussHauptstadt" (Capital of Delight). In Graz, no culinary wish remains unfulfilled.

74 1 lentos nacht c linztourismus leckerstorfer 062015

Your Date with Linz

Getting to know the European Capital of Culture 2009

4 Days / Linz

The diversity of the European Capital of Culture 2009 is immeasurable – there is a lot to discover between art and culture, nature and industry. Let yourself be inspired by the wide-ranging cultural program, wonderful natural landscapes and the Upper Austrian hospitality.

75 2 musiktheater linz linztourismus pfindeis052013

Linz: On the Traces of Anton Bruckner

About the genius Anton Bruckner

4 Days / Linz St. Florian

The famous composer lived in and around Linz and has influenced the region until today. Discover the city on the river Danube from the eyes of a composer.

74 75 arselectronicacenter  c linztourismus leckerstorfer 062015

Linz: Media-Art and Contemporary History

A journey full of contrasts

4 Days / Linz

European Capital of Culture 2009, UNESCO City of Media Arts, new, modern buildings, remarkable art projects and a skyline full of contrasts – Linz is diverse and attracts with historical and contemporary attractions, buildings and projects.

C  samott  fotolia com

South Styrian Dainties

The Styrian Volcano region and the South Styrian wine road

6 Days / Graz Riegersburg Ehrenhausen Piber

Diversity and indulgence are the keywords of your journey through the southern part of Styria. Your tour takes you from the Styrian provincial capital Graz to the Volcano region and the South Styrian wine road. Taste culinary delights and let yourself be enchanted by the Styrian hospitality and lust for life.

Innsbruck tourismus  christof lackner 3 starting at EUR 609,- per person

Your Date with Innsbruck

The city surrounded by mountains

4 Days / Innsbruck

The Olympic and cultural city attracts with internationally known sights and a picturesque old town in front of a breath-taking mountain panorama. In addition, lovely shops and a vibrant restaurant scene invite you to shop and enjoy the Tyrolean lifestyle.

Innsbruck tourismus  christof lackner starting at EUR 395,- per person

Imperial Innsbruck

On imperial traces through Innsbruck

3 Days / Innsbruck

The Habsburgs not only left their traces in Vienna, but also in Innsbruck. Discover the capital of the Alps that, until today, shines in imperial splendor.

Hauptfassade linderhof  c  bayerische schlosserverwaltung

Innsbruck and the Ludwig-Castles

About city experiences and mountain encounters

6 Days / Innsbruck Wattens

Experience a unique alpine-urban mix between mountain and valley, nature and city. In Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps, city experiences meet mountains and cultural heritages meet nature wonders. Discover the Olympic- and cultural capital Innsbruck and enjoy the cosy and alpine flair of the surrounding mountains as well as the beautiful landscape around the castles of King Ludwig II in Bavaria.

Prague city tourism 8

Prague Highlights

The must-sees of the Golden City

4 Days / Prague

The historic and beautiful city of Prague, also known as the Golden City, attracts with churches, historic bridges, a charming old town and picturesque alleys. Immerse yourself into the thousand-year-old history of Prague and discover the highlights of the Czech capital.

C  prague city tourism 1

Historical Prague

Kafka's Golden City

4 Days / Prague

Kafka's golden city appears so magically and just like a living museum. Prague attracts with churches, historic bridges, a charming old town and picturesque alleys. Hardly any other city combines so harmoniously a rich past with sophisticated modernity.

C  jewish museum prague

Jewish Prague

A journey on the traces of Jewish Heritage in Prague

5 Days / Prague Terezín

If it is the six Synagogues, the Jewish Cemetery or the Jewish Town Hall. Only a few European citites can boast a better preserved Jewish Gehetto than Prague. Betake yourself on a discovery through the moving and dramatic history of the Jewish Prague.


Prague: Culture and Culinary Art

Discovering the culinary delicacies of Prague

4 Days / Prague

Hardly any other city combines so harmoniously a rich past with sophisticated modernity. Besides the cultural highlights you will also enjoy culinary delights and enjoy the authentic Czech cuisine and the world-famous Prague beer.


Prague UNESCO Tour

Bohemian World Cultural Heritage

7 Days / Prague Kutná Hora Český Krumlov Karlstejn

Among the numerous art and cultural treasures of the Czech Republic, there are twelve cultural and natural monuments, recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. We invite you to visit some of these twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Czech Republic. Explore ancient towns, impressive Gothic cathedrals and simply be amazed by the beauty of the Czech Republic.

C  manfred steinbach fotolia com

Munich: on the Traces of the Third Reich

A haunting journey

4 Days / Munich

"Munich, capital of the movement". The German Workers Party, which was renamed in 1920 in NSDAP, was founded in Munich. No other city is as strongly linked to the rise of National Socialism as Munich. But not only Munich holds scenes of the Third Reich, also Berchtesgaden will quench your thirst for knowledge about the reign of terror of the Nazis. 

Niceshot  fotolia com

Bavarian Dainties

Regional specialties such as the Bavarian veal saussage, Obazda and Co

3 Days / Munich

Bavaria is not only known for its stunning landscapes and the most famous folk festival in the world - the Oktoberfest - but also for its culinary delights! Beer, the Bavarian veal sausage, "Obazda" and Co. Discover Bavarian delicacies in the Bavarian capital!

C  hofbrau munchen

Hops and Malt: The Art of Brewing in Munich

The Bavarian capital and its long tradition of brewing

4 Days / Munich

Munich and the barley juice. On your journey, discover cosy brewery houses and beer gardens and try some exceptional types of beer.

Schloss nymphenburg  c  tourismus munchen   studio hahn

Royal Munich

City Palaces and Summer Residences

4 Days / Munich

Experience Munich in a royal ambience. With the Munich Residence as one of the largest city palaces of Germany and the former summer residence Nymphenburg Palace, Munich offers two truly "royal" highlights.

Olympia gelande  c  tourismus munchen   christl reiter

Munich: Sporty, Active

Discovering the Bavarian capital on foot

4 Days / Munich

With its numerous parks, green areas and a range of leisure facilities, Munich offers all, that a sporty and active heart desires. On this tour you primarily discover Munich on foot and explore (leisure) facilities such as the Olympia Park and the outstanding Allianz Arena.

C  clemens strimmer fotolia com

Your Date with Munich

Discovering Bavaria's cosy capital

3 Days / Munich

The Bavarian capital offers a variety of facets. Be it the most famous attractions such as the Marienplatz, Viktualienmarket, Hofbräuhaus, Nymphenburg Palace, the Church of Our Lady, the modern Munich with the soccer temple Allianz Arena, the New Pinakothek or the cosy, traditional Munich with its beer gardens and breweries - Munich serves everyone's wants and needs!

Visitberlin  foto pierre adenis

Currywurst, Boulette and Berliner Weiße

Berlin truly authentic

4 Days / Berlin

A different way of visiting Berlin! Discover the culinary Berlin and immerse yourself into the Berlin, as it really is: honest, authentic, exciting and - above all - lovable. Besides the most important attractions, you will also see those places, where you stumble upon the true, authentic Berlin - the Berlin of "Currybuden", & Co. 

4554631848 f1dc683e5c o

Berlin on the Traces of the GDR

A trip to the former "divided" city

4 Days / Berlin

The traces of Berlin's moving history are visible on many pinches and scrapes of the city. Explore Berlin on the traces of the GDR and experience more about life as it used to be during the GDR: discover the famous buildings made with precast concrete slabs on the Avenue Karl-Marx, take a seat in a Trabi and pass Berlin's most famous checkpoint, Checkpoint Charlie.

C  tobago77 fotolia com

Metropolis and Jungle: Berlin and the Spreeforest

Go green in Berlin

5 Days / Berlin

Explore the German capital and the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreeforest, the green jungle not far from Berlin. Experience how closely city and nature are linked and discover "crazy birds" in both, the Spreeforest and in Berlin.

8422786427 4816bce263 o

Berlin on the Traces of the Second World War

Discovering the former Reich-capital

4 Days / Berlin

Berlin as the seat of the Nazi regime and place of the German resistance from 1933 to 1945 - discover the former Reich-capital and the scenes and traces of the Nazi regime.

Potsdam  park sanssouci   stiftung preussische schlosser und garten berlin brandenburg  foto hans bach

Berlin and Potsdam

The German Capital and the Prussian Residence

5 Days / Berlin

Visit the German capital Berlin and the Prussian residence Potsdam, awaiting you with magnificent Baroque buildings, palaces and gardens.

C  silver fotolia com

Your Date with Berlin

The Highlights of the German Capital

4 Days / Berlin

Explore Berlin's must sees, be enchanted by the flair of the German capital, try the famous "Curry Wurst" and learn more about Berlin's moving history!

Visitberlin gunther steffen

Urban Art in Berlin

Exploring the colorful Berlin

4 Days / Berlin

Whether on screens, facades, walls, doors and gates, or at places where you would not expect art at all - Street Art can be seen everywhere in Berlin and makes Berlin's cityscape shine in a colorful way. We will show you Berlin from its most colorful and creative side!

C  agyongyi fotolia com

Budapest: on the traces of Jewry

Jewish life - then and now

4 Days / Budapest

Budapest was once home to the largest Jewish community in Europe and this has strongly influenced the city. After centuries of turbulent history, reaching its lowest point of devastation in the Holocaust, today's Budapest is a vibrant centre of Jewish culture. Discover Budapest in the footsteps of Jewish heritage and learn more about Jewish life in the past and present, visit the most important memorials, synagogues and places of Jewish life.

Kristian sekulic  fotolia com jopg

Your Date with Budapest

The metropolis on the river Danube

4 Days / Budapest Gödöllö

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mighty river Danube separates the metropolis into the mountainous Buda and the flat Pest. This Danube panorama was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and quite rightly so, as any visitor will experience. 

Visegrad mit der burg do

Budapest and the Danubebend

Urban flair and breath-taking landscapes

5 Days / Budapest

Besides the capital Budapest, you discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in Hungary - the Danubebend. Not only the Danubebend itself offers a breathtaking panorama, but also in Budapest, where the river Danube separates the city into the hilly Buda and the flat Pest, one will enjoy picturesque landscapes and views. Gaze at natural uniques, that will await you with corresponding flora and fauna, Hungarian culture and majestic green woods.   

Daniela kurz

Budapest's Culinary Delicacies

...more than "only" Paprika, Salami and CO

4 Days / Budapest

From gourmet restaurants to cozy cafes and characteristic wine bars - Budapest's culinary scene becomes more and more interesting. One thing is certain: the Hungarians love hearty dishes and feast what their heart desires. Cream and shortening are an integral part in these dishes. Taste it on your own, and get to know Budapest and its culinary specialties.

C  sunjet fotolia com

Diverse Budapest

The various faces of the Hungarian Capital

4 Days / Budapest

Traditional and contemporary. The beautiful, UNESCO protected monuments and palaces show the classic, traditional side of this historic city. The newly renovated, friendly pedestrian areas, modern and contemporary buildings and galleries, squares and parks with numerous bars, cosy cafes and innovative restaurants give the city a modern and contemporary touch.

C  petr fotolia com

Hungary's Pearls

Budapest, Puszta & CO

5 Days / Budapest

Let yourself be enchanted by the Hungarian hospitality and get to know Hungary from its most beautiful side: Discover the charming metropolis Budapest as well as beautiful landscapes and the unspoiled nature of the Puszta. Another highlight of your trip is the Balaton, affectionately known as the "sea of Hungary".

C  digi dresden fotolia com

Right Across Germany

From Berlin via Dresden and Nuremberg to Munich

7 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Nuremberg Munich

As the name suggests, your journey takes you across Germany - a unique combination of five cities, with many historical, cultural as well as culinary highlights.

Visitberlin  foto wolfgang scholvien 2

Citytriangle: Berlin, Dresden and Prague

From the Spree-metropolis via the city on the river Elb to the city on the Vltava

8 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Prague

Explore the German capital, once divided by the wall into two, today a united metropolis, which has a diverse art-, culture-, and culinary-offer. The Elb-city Dresden and the golden city of Prague with its charming streets and picturesque old town, are waiting to be discovered!

Speicherstadt und elbphilharmonie  www mediaserver hamburg de  jorg modrow

Hamburg on Land and at Sea

Discovering the Hanseatic city

4 Days / Hamburg

A trip to Hamburg promises unique maritime flair. Enjoy the charm of the harbor and the fish market and discover Hamburg's lively nightlife with numerous bars, theaters and nightclubs. In addition, Hamburg is the third largest musical city in the world. Watching a musical performance in Hamburg is worthwhile!

132 2 hamburg alsterarkaden  c  www mediaserver hamburg de c  spahrbier neu

Hamburg Highlights

The must-sees of the Hanseatic city

4 Days / Hamburg

Experience the diversity of Hamburg - maritime adventures, cultural and culinary highlights are waiting for you. Visit the "Gateway to the World" and let yourself be enchanted by this magical place.

Hallstatt foto christopher unterberger

Small Historic Towns

Austria's hidden treasures

10 Days / Salzburg Gmunden Steyr Bad Ischl Hallstatt Zell am See Kitzbühel Innsbruck Prien am Chiemsee

Here, you will still find what many of us have already lost: more time for chat, more sensitivity for the little things in life and more pleasure in enjoying some of the joys that life gives to us. Discover the hidden treasures and enjoy a very special hospitality, far from all hectic rush and the noise of the city.

10 1 durnstein im fruhling    c  donau niederosterreich www extremfotos com

From Sissi to Mozart

Imperial Vienna, picturesque Wachau Valley and Baroque Salzburg

8 Days / Vienna Krems Dürnstein Melk Salzburg

Fall in love with the imperial city Vienna, impressing with magnificent imperial buildings. Enjoy the view over the vineyards, surrounded by the picturesque Wachau valley and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Mozart’s birth town Salzburg.

82 4 nordkette   0560 fin

Picturesque Cities and Imposing Mountains

A combination of culture- and nature-experiences

9 Days / Salzburg St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee Prien am Chiemsee Innsbruck Hohenschwangau Oberammergau Munich

Besides cities such as Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich, discover sleepy fairy-tale castles, embedded in breathtaking mountain panoramas. During your journey you will also experience a unique combination of culture, and nature adventures.

Watzmann lockstein  c  berchtesgadener land tourismus gmbh

Austria and Bavaria: The Classics

From charming cities to unique landscapes

10 Days / Vienna Melk Salzburg Berchtesgaden Munich

Magnificent imperial buildings and picturesque vineyards. Luscious green meadows and grandiose mountain peaks. All this, and even more, awaits you on your journey through Austria and Germany's southernmost province, Bavaria.

Osterreich werbung peter rigaud

The Taste of Austria

From Tafelspitz, Linzer cake and excellent wines

9 Days / Vienna Graz Riegersburg

Austria is known for its hospitality and culinary diversity. Between vineyards and lush green pastures, there grow delicious specialties, which are processed into high-quality products and dishes. From connoisseurs for connoisseurs. Immerse into Austrian hospitality and cuisine and try the numerous traditional delicacies - from Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and pumpkin seed oil, to Griesnockerl soup and a piece of fluffy Apple Strudel.
37 2 stift melk

Austria's Highlights

Discovering the Jewels of Austria

10 Days / Vienna Linz St. Wolfgang Salzburg Kufstein Innsbruck

Explore picturesque towns and unique landscapes and learn about culture, history and traditions in Austria.

Wachauer marillen     donau niederosterreich steve haider  2

Apricots and Vineyards

Exploring the picturesque Wachau Valley

6 Days / Vienna Krems Melk

The Wachau Valley, World Heritage region on the river Danube, sunny wine-growing region, home of cultural treasures and the famous Wachau apricot - the Wachau Valley is a total work of art. Via Vienna, travel to the picturesque Danube Valley where cultural and culinary delights are waiting for you.

2449 cesky krumlov hrad a zamek jaro leto

UNESCO World Heritage

World Cultural Heritage Sites in Austria and the Czech Republic

9 Days / Prague Kutná Hora České Budějovice Český Krumlov Krems Vienna

On your journey through the Czech Republic and Austria, explore impressive UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.

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Magical Lake District (Salzkammergut)

Crystal-clear lakes and breath-taking mountain panoramas

5 Days / Salzburg Fuschl am See St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee Hallstatt

Close to the Baroque city of Salzburg, there extends one of the most beautiful and diverse regions, the Lake District/Salzkammergut. With a multiplicity of crystal clear mountain lakes, surrounded by breath-taking mountain scenery and spiced up by local customs and culinary delights, the Salzkammergut leaves no wish unfulfilled.

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Art and Cultural Capitals of Austria

Music stages, theaters, museums and galleries

5 Days / Vienna Linz Graz

Countless art and cultural events, a variety of museums and galleries, top-class exhibitions and a wide range of theater-, opera-, and musical-performances. All this and much more awaits you on your journey to the art and cultural cities of Vienna, Linz and Graz.

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Jewish Berlin

Jewish history and memorials in Berlin

5 Days / Berlin

Berlin's history is closely linked to the history of the Jewish community. During your journey you will visit deeply symbolic places, on the one hand reminders of the destruction of Jewish life, but on the other hand proofs of the reconstruction and development of Jewish Culture in Berlin these days.

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The Highlights of Central Europe

5 countries, 1000 impressions

14 Days / Munich Prien am Chiemsee Salzburg St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee Dürnstein Vienna Bratislava Budapest Brno Prague

Your journey takes you through the South of Germany through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Experience the diversity of cultures, traditions and natures of these countries. A number of cultural and culinary delights and stunning sceneries are waiting for you.

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Austria, country of music

On the traces of big composers

8 Days / Salzburg Linz Vienna Eisenstadt

Music has always played a highly important role in Austria. Great composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn or Anton Bruckner were born here and art work of worldwide importance was created in Austria. During your trip, discover the stages of Austria and learn more about Austria's great composers.

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Pearls of the East

From the "golden city" of Prague via the picturesque Bratislava to Budapest, the metropolis on the river Danube

8 Days / Prague Kutná Hora Bratislava Budapest

The "Golden City" of Prague, with its picturesque alleys and its historic old town is always worth a visit. Besides Prague, you also discover the Danube metropolis Budapest, attracting with its unique panorama and a very special charm.

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In the heart of Europe

From Berlin to Vienna

11 Days / Berlin Potsdam Dresden Prague Brno Vienna

Explore the most beautiful cities in the heart of Central Europe. Starting in Germany, you visit the versatile metropolis Berlin as well as the historic Potsdam and the "Florence on the river Elbe", Dresden. Your journey continues to the "golden city of Prague" and Brno in the picturesque Czech Republic. Last but not least, you will be enchanted by the Austrian charm and explore the imperial city of Vienna.

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Jewels of Romantic Europe

Discovering the heart of Europe

10 Days / Munich Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hohenschwangau Wattens Innsbruck Berchtesgaden Salzburg Prien am Chiemsee

The regions of Bavaria, Tyrol and Salzburg, amidst the peak of the Alps, have numerous opportunities to offer. Discover the buzzing Bavarian capital Munich, enjoy the serenity of the Bavarian country side, climb Germany's highest peak, experience a unique blend of nature and culture in Tyrol, and in Salzburg, listen to the chimes of Mozart while strolling through the Getreidegasse.

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Art and Culture in Harmony with Nature

From the imperial Vienna to the sunkissed province of Burgenland

5 Days / Vienna Schlosshof Eisenstadt

After visiting Austria's manifold and vibrant capital Vienna, immerse in the no less diverse Burgenland.
Experience the land of cultural and scenic contrast, where mild Pannonian climate has a deep impact on nature and culture, and where fine wines, culinary diversity and Burgenland hospitality are awaiting you!

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Cultfigure Sisi

On the traces of Empress Elisabeth

5 Days / Vienna Györ Budapest Gödöllö

Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, has gone down in history as an empress of eternal youthfulness and beauty. Today, even almost 180 years after her birth, Sissi polarizes and fascinates people from all over the world. During your tour, discover the Myth Sissi in the course of a visit at the Sisi Museum in the Imperial Appartments and visit Gödöllö Palace, the coronation present for Empress Sissi and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph I.

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Austria's Most Beautiful Palaces

Staying with your Majesties

8 Days / Vienna Eisenstadt Grafenegg Salzburg Wattens Innsbruck

In the countless castles or former residences of aristocratic and royal families, you will closely experience Austrian history. Marvel at magnificent rooms and spacious palace gardens.

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From Vienna to Munich

The most beautiful destinations in Austria and Bavaria

7 Days / Vienna Melk Salzburg Innsbruck Munich

Take breathtaking sceneries, hospitality and coziness, mix it with culinary delights and garnish the successful mix with a lot of culture and history! All these "ingredients" make your trip through Austria and Bavaria a very special treat.

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Vienna and the Weinviertel Region

Where indulgence is a top priority

6 Days / Vienna Poysdorf

Take a lot of Imperial charm, add some coffeehouse culture and culinary delights and stir it with lots of cosiness, tradition and Weinviertl-serenity. And voilà your journey of indulgence is ready to be enjoyed. Bon appétit!

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About Emperors and Monks

Spirituality, history and culture in the Vienna Woods

4 Days / Baden bei Wien Heiligenkreuz Mayerling Krems

Since more than 1000 years, spirituality, history and culture come together in the abbeys, cities and castles of the picturesque Vienna Woods and the Wachau valley. On your journey, experience a unique symphony of history and spirituality.

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Beethoven and Biedermeier

A journey to the Biedermeier city Baden

4 Days / Baden bei Wien Mayerling

The former imperial summer residence with romantic alleys and houses in Biedermeier style, invites you for a visit. Ludwig van Beethoven already appreciated this atmosphere, visited the imperial city of Baden very often and even composed his 9th Symphony the "Ode to Joy" here. This is why Baden is also known as the "city of the European Anthem". Therefore, a visit to the Beethoven House is a must.

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Treasures of the Danube

Rivercruise on the Crystal Mozart

11 Days / Vienna Dürnstein Melk Linz Passau Bratislava Budapest

Discover the treasures of the river Danube during a river cruise on one of the most luxurious rivercruise ships - the Crystal Mozart. Starting in Vienna, the cruise leads you through the magnificent Wachau-valley via Linz to Passau in Germany and to Bratislava and Budapest. The final stop is the imperial city Vienna. During your shore excursions wander through scenic old-country villages, stop at fairy-tale-esque castles, medieval fortresses, churches, museums and concert halls - not to forget the delicious food and wine.

Further information about the Crystal Mozart, room categories and included services are upon request.

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Christmas Shopping in Vienna

Festive Shopping Streets and the Scent of Christmas Bakery

5 Days / Vienna

Discover Vienna during the Christmas period, when it is shining in a sea of illuminated Christmas trees, fairy lights, charming art installations and nicely decorated shopping streets and alleys. The scent of Christmas bakery, culinary delights and hot punch will fill the air and spread pre-Christmas mood. While the numerous Christmas markets attract with handcrafted gifts and traditional goods, the various shopping streets offer international designer- and flagship stores and the department stores comprise national as well as international brands.